Sanctuary at Shell Bay shows me performing a semi-improvised ritual for ephemeral sanctuary in collaboration with the landscape, rhizomatically bridging dualities. Sea and land, other and I, present and preserved.

Sanctuary at Shell Bay

2022 - Dorset, England

Sanctuary at Shell Bay is a group of works initiated by a site-specific performance at Shell Bay in Studland, Dorset, England. Responding to the land the artist performed a semi-improvised ritual for three features of the land-man relationship: appreciation, preservation and human uses.

​The work speaks of sanctuary and improvisational ceremony. The main purpose is to showcase the simplicity of ritualisation of the land, advocating a sort of modern hybrid approach to spirituality.

Sanctuary at Shell Bay relates these themes and the experiences in the performance, and creates a visual image of sanctuary but also the merging of "two". The bridging of sea and land is shown and creates discourse on the other dualities we bridge while building our own sanctuaries.

Oil on canvas, 65 x 65cm

Images of photobook, containing performance photographs.