Annabelle Keyes (b. 2000, Hampshire), interdisciplinary contemporary artist based in Bournemouth, England.

Involved with themes of ecology, mysticism and ethnography, my practice explores the devotional urge through enqiries into modern land-human relationships. I am interested in the barriers around methods of knowledge generation and the separations between the empirical and non-empirical, often in tandem with explorations into wider examples of dualities; nostalgia/utopia, grief/belief, local/remote, masculine/feminine.

My works function as amalgamations of recorded information, or holistic case studies, filtered through a lens of romance and mystery. Often responding to certain locations and sites, I consider fieldwork and first-hand research as integrally creative and spiritual experiences, urging me to question standardised methods.

Primarily working within interdisciplinary installation, my process is often initiated by intimate site-specific performances, later developed through photography and video. My installations take form through sculpture, found object assemblages and abstract painting, synthesising disciplines to propose the findings of my ongoing enquiry, while embracing a sense of multiplicity and fluidity in the scope of research.


Solo Exhibitions

2024 Hydrology of Blessings, The Container, Bournemouth, England

Group Exhibitions

2024 Fibrous Emblematics, BUG Gallery, Bournemouth, England

2024 Unearthed Motions, BUG Gallery, Bournemouth, England

2023 Young Artists Show, MCube Gallery, Lalitpur, Nepal

2021 Vivere, Bournemouth Natural Science Society, Bournemouth, England

2021 The Long Minute, The Less Good Idea, online exhibition

2020 Miscellanea, Miro, online exhibition

Relevant Experience

2024 Studio assistant at Culture Hustle, Westbourne, England

2024 Curator of Fibrous Emblematics, BUG Gallery, Bournemouth, England

2023 Co-Organiser of Sauraha Artists' Retreat-Residency, Chitwan, Nepal

2023 Artist in residence at Courtyard Pujan Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

2022 Volunteer at mural-painting projects in Kathmandu and Dhading, Nepal


​2020-2024 BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Arts University Bournemouth

2018-2019 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Arts University Bournemouth

2016-2018 A Level in Fine Art, St. Vincent’s College