Projects in Nepal


Work made by Annabelle Keyes during the residency. From top left to bottom right:

Oil paint on canvas / Studio space / Red mud and charcoal on raw canvas / Found object assemblage / Oil paint on cut stones

Young Artists Show, MCube Gallery

In June 2023, Annabelle Keyes was selected to exhibit work in the 2023 Young Artists Show at MCube Gallery, Lalitpur, Nepal.

"The paintings by Annabelle Keyes often employ a balanced composition; her almost symmetrical paintings specifically recall the meditative sensation of conscious interactions with nature, painted through the hazy and soft vision of memory. The works shown in the Young Artists Show are pieces made in Nepal, relating to journeys to the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley into national parks. As inspired by experiences in those environments, the smaller pieces approach the artist’s role in balancing light and dark, in both painting and life."

Volunteer Mural Painting Project, Dhading

In January 2023, Annabelle Keyes, Abhijeet Prajapati and Gautam Shrestha stayed in a rural village in Dhading to design and paint murals works for a local school.

During 2023 I spent time living and working in Nepal. This involved participating in creative projects in Kathmandu and Dhading, and co-organising an artist's retreat-residency in Chitwan.

Artist's Retreat-Residency

In May, 2023. The retreat-residency project's main aim was to provide an opportunity for young artists in the city to retreat to the inspiring environment of Sauraha, Chitwan, selecting six talented artists based in Kathmandu after posting an open call online. The artists selected were Akshyat Tamrakar, Nirvita Shakya, Shranup Tandukar, Naima Kirat Rai, Pooja Poudel and Aashish Man Dangol. In collaboration with JAW Hotel, Annabelle Keyes and the staff ran a ten day, free of charge retreat, providing dedicated studio spaces, materials and various guided walks and talks. The laid-back residency-retreat was designed to be experimental and relaxed so that the artists had free reign to spend their time as most beneficial for themselves.