Foxbed is a series of works initiated by a documented earthwork performance, in which the artist ritualistically builds a bed for the foxes which sleep at the end of her garden, at her home in Bournemouth, England. Driven at first by her ineffable connection and intrigue into the animals, the work became a method of sacrality cultivation, an example of intuitive ritual building for self-discovery.

​The performance film photographs taken by Lyle Ingram are shown in a handmade photobook. The photographs accompanied by an abstractly poetic series of instructions for recreating the ritual. The painting, Foxbed, relates the internal sensation of spiritual revelation through such practises, through the hazy vision of memory. All elements of the projects resolved into one installation, intended to evoke connotations of alter spaces and interactive ritual settings.

Foxbed, a project of self-exploration through a look at the foxes at the end of my garden, considers the modern human relationship to foxes and their relationship the environments we both occupy. It is through this curiously close relation to wild animals I find a true sense of humanness.


2022 - Dorset, England

Oil on canvas, 30 x 40cm