A Motherland's Shrine


Dorset, England

Interdisciplinary installation; calico, bamboo, string, clay, found objects, oil on canvas.

A Motherland’s Shrine seeks to question notions of homelands, relationships between human and land, and potential for reconnection through ritual. Relating to excursions to sites in Dorset such as Dancing Ledge, Brownsea Island and Hengistbury Head, this work reflects nostalgic and documentative experiences, in the form of a devotional space.

The land reveals, in certain moments, a harmonic balance - embedded like a rhizomatic mycelium, a woven network of glass, symmetrical and glowing. The more I see the less I look, then I feel those roots in the material of my body, and my material talks to her material. She speaks without words, and I remember back when our home was made of light.

oil on canvas, 22 x 26cm